Tex-Mex in Hyderabad

Tex-Mex in Hyderabad


When the first Mexican Food Festival in Asia happened, they chose Hyderabad to host it. That was in 1993 at Taj Banjara.

In 2004, Chef Roberto Rodriguez had brought to our city, a wide variety of Tex-Mex dishes. With some tunes from Mariachi and a tremendous Mexican theme, a small food festival had turned into a cultural fest of sorts.

When Chilis opened their shop soon after, Hyderabadis got a chance at trying out some authentic Tex-Mex. From Tacos to Guacamole to Ceviche to Kalhua, Hyderabad woke up to a great Menu of Mexican.

fish and mango taco

From Habanero and La Mexicana to Tortilla’s and Mustang, we now have a great many restaurants to try Mexican from.

Remember the 144 types of Chilli dishes that Rodriguez cooked up for the Hyderabadis? That’s part of legend now.

Tell us about your favorite Mexican dish and where you tasted it from.

Adios Amigos.



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