Some Ramadan Specials

Some Ramadan Specials

Food plays a prominent role in celebrating Ramadan, with specialty dishes and drinks served during the Muslim fasting month.

We have written on several occasions regarding the food Hyderabad offers. How about the food that the outside world prepares for the Holy Month?

Here we go.


A syrup made of grape molasses mixed with rose water and sugar then poured over ice and decorated with pine nuts.


Mansaf and Kabsas

Mansaf and Kabsas make up an integral part of Ramadan meals in several Muslim countries in Asia.

Arabic dish

Stuffed Vegetables

Peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, zucchinis and vine leaves are stuffed with flavored rice to make what is commonly known in the Arab world as Mahshi. It is mainly famous in Egypt and the Levant.


A North African dish of granulated semolina, served with meat, chicken, fish or vegetables.


A sweet made from spun shredded wheat. It can be filled with cream, cheese, or nuts and raisins, depending on which Arab region it comes from.




Formerly famous in Egypt and the Levant, these Arabic pancakes are usually filled with cheese or nuts and served with a sugary syrup or honey.


Small, sweet dumplings made from butter, sugar, milk, and flour. They are called Luqaimat in the Gulf, Awamat in the Levant, and Zalabia in Egypt.

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