Sizzling grillz

Sizzling grillz

Sizzlers are a joy.

The way they are brought to you, accompanying with smoke and flavourful scent of roasted meat and veggies in your favorite sauce. Don’t you just fall in love with the variety of taste in them instantly?

Originated as a new food item in the 1950s, in the United States, Sizzlers joined the American food craze wagon of the time soon. The famous chain of restaurants named Del’s Sizzler Family Steak House have around 300 outlets in the U.S and abroad.

sizzled chicken grill

Just as sizzling as this city can get, Hyderabad has too many sizzler joints in it. But a real foodie knows where to go for the right one.

Absolute Sizzlers opened some time ago with a dedicated menu for Sizzlers. All the Mexican restaurants offer excellent sizzlers and mind you, some of them change their menus to keep the city foodies hooked.

Chilis and Habanero have Sizzlers in varying spice levels.

sizzler food

Though Sizzlers were initially meat oriented, Indianization of this foreign dish has produced a lot more varieties than one can count. Even a Hyderabadi version is available at Jewel of Nizam.

So, what is your favorite Sizzler?

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