Simplicity and Authenticity

Simplicity and Authenticity

Restaurants in Hyderabad have one thing in common; a large menu.

Thought it shows their capability of serving a wide variety of dishes, it could also raise a doubt about the authenticity and quality of these recipes. A small jog through the lists of some three-star restaurants would make the idea more straightforward to comprehend.

But there are some restaurants that have a specialty menu; a concise list of good food served in its authentic form.

From the high profile Zega (Sheraton’s) to the laid-back and peaceful The Gallery Cafe, one can find such gems strewn all over the city.

Zega is one of the places where original Sashimis (fresh raw meat or fish sliced into thin slices, a Japanese style delicacy) are available on order.

fish with sauce

Karachi Cafe can toss you a plate (or container) of excellent Bombay style Bheja fry with Paranthas.

Also, Spice It, at the Ibis Hotel, can provide you with the purest food with certain correctness in authenticity; the Tomato and Mozzarella Salad and the Lamb Rack are examples.

lamb with veg

The Gallery Cafe in Banjara Hills can not just provide you with a pinch of art but also great feel-good food, too.

The point is to assert your knowledge of the authentic tastes that specific food joints can provide. So, why not try it out.

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