A Shepherd’s Pie Story

A Shepherd’s Pie Story

Just like Pizza, Shepherd’s Pie also is one of those dishes that rose to stardom in the recent decades from a simple farmer’s food.

Unlike the other fruit-based pies that you may have seen in the bakeries of our city of food, Shepherd’s Pie (or Cottage Pie) is a strictly meat based pie with a topping of mashed potatoes. Meat and Potato; two readily available things for the farmers in Europe where this dish originated and gained popularity.

shepherds pie with nuts and fruits

In the U.K, Shepherd’s Pie is called by that name only if the meat ingredient is Lamb. Strange, ain’t? Maybe we would have the same rule for Biryani? Just a thought!

Don’t worry, vegetarians (or those not calling themselves the Vegans!), the version or you are called The Shepherdess Pie.

So, the million dollar question is this: Where do you get one of these in Hyderabad?

The sad truth is that not many places offer these dishes in our city!

The Heart Cup Coffe has their version; Lamb Shanks Pie.

Ofen has a pocket-friendly yet not-compromising-on-taste Shepherd’s Pie that is worth a try.

brown shepherds pie

Now that you know the history of Shepherd’s Pie, are you going to try it somewhere?

Be sure to take photos, if you do.

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