Best Pizzas in Town!

Best Pizzas in Town!

What comes as a quick option to kill your hunger during a busy day? If you ask us, we would say an best pizza! But, there is a problem with that when you are a hardcore foodie because a regular pizza from your neighborhood outlet may not appeal to you.

Meaning, at PMT, we don’t run to (or order from) your usual neighborhood brands. We experiment with non-branded pizzas.

Or, we make our own. (That’s another story!)

Can you tell us five pizza places in Hyderabad, that’s not your usual D, USP, or PH?

From Lazzio – The Pizzeria to Zero40 Brewing, We have our share of places that we get our customized pizzas from.

From Vera Pizzeria to Viva Italia, we have tried and tested every pizzeria in the city. That’s how crazy we are about Pizzas, our work-food.

So, gear up for our newsletters on the Pizzerias in town. We’re going to bring you the best.

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