Look East – Japanese restaurant in Hyderabad

Look East – Japanese restaurant in Hyderabad

India had a ‘Look East’ policy planned a couple of years ago; giving political and cultural importance to the nations in the East.

We Hyderabadis aren’t that far behind when it comes to looking East. We have some places that offer fantastic food culture from the East.

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But China is not the only place, isn’t it? How about Japanese? How many do you know that will give you a taste of Japan, the land of Samurais and Haiku?

Yeah. Haiku is there in Banjara Hills. One can go for an excellent Katsu (a sort of crispy fried chicken with ginger and spring onion sauce) or some Sumai (Japanese style dumpling).

spicy chicken in butter paper

Or, you could even go to Hashi for their list of Tempuras.

The moment someone says Japanese, people think of Sushis. There’s more to Japanese food and Sushi is just a minor part of their great menu. Try out some of the Japanese food joints in the city, and you’ll know why we stress about it.

Jaa Ne!

(Sorry to burst your bubble, Japanese people don’t go around saying ‘Sayonara’ for ‘bye’!)

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