Great Iconic Breakfasts!

Great Iconic Breakfasts!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

But then, they say that about all the meals… don’t they?

Hyderabad has an Udupi restaurant at every free left (or at a newly blocked U-Turn).

Also, the number of restaurants offering brunch on weekends is on the rise. What do we assume from this?

Either you can have your usual Poori Masala or a loaded Butter Masala Dosa. Or, you are an entirely health conscious person with a different set of ideas regarding breakfast, and you eat at one of the deal-giving meal-providers in the city!

You can either have Pancakes/Waffles/American Breakfast at Autumn Leaf Cafe or WOFL!

(Don’t forget to have the Dil Him Malla Toast, the iconic item at WOFL!)

toast with chilies

Or you can have another iconic item, Egg Benedict Florentine from Ofen in Banjara Hills.

(Poached eggs served on sauteed Spinach on toasted Bagel topped with some yummy Hollandaise Sause)

egg porch with toppings

The idea was to point out that there are provisions in our city to make your breakfast a wonderful one to kick off an awesome day.

That’s where the importance of breakfast as a meal is.

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  1. Sai santosh says:

    Nice info about Breakfast. I can start the day better with a healthy breakfast, thank you Paytime for this wonderful info.

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