Good and tasty snacks on rainy day.

Good and tasty snacks on rainy day.

The Holy Month of Ramadan is gone, and we got the full attention of Monsoon. That means we have that irresistible urge to munch on something spicy and hot in the evenings, to heat the body and the spirit up after a cold day in the office/home.

What do you do when you get that urge? Run to the nearest snack shop you know and ‘adjust’ to whatever they have? For example, flaky puffs and soft samosas.

Here are a few things that will pamper your taste buds.

1. Chicken Patties

Chicken mince patties

Dough parcels filled with the right amount of chicken and onion. These things can make your day if eaten with the right sauce (and company!)

2. Mushroom Cutlets

mushroom cutlet with mushroom toppings

Doughballs made from a blend of mushrooms, potatoes, and masalas coated with egg and breadcrumbs. You can chomp down these deep-fried delicacies on a rainy evening.

3. Onion Rings

fried onion rings with sauce

Freshly cut onions dipped in spicy batter and fried in oil till they became golden brown. The smell itself can sway your mind. Try them with some tasty coconut chutney and Monsoon will become even more interesting instantly.

4. Baby Corn Pakoda


Enough with those Chinese versions of Baby Corn. It is time to go desi in our weather. Marinated in a masala paste and dipped in a thin layer of batter to be deep fried till golden brown, Baby Corn pakoda can soon become your favorite rainy day snack.

See, your rainy evenings can become so much better.

Hail Monsoon.

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