Four Awesome Places in Abids to have Street Food

Four Awesome Places in Abids to have Street Food

There is something that comes with Monsoon. A certain liking for street food.

Some people, like us, feel that essential gurgling of the stomach by evening.

Where do we get the best street food in Hyderabad? Our answer is. Abids!

Over the years, a lot of new places have come up in Hyderabad. But, Abids still holds its charm.

Let’s take a look at our favorite places from the charming Abids.

1. Gokul Chat

Go there for your usual share of Pav Bhaji. Get mesmerized. But if the Monsoon cold is not enough for you, there is a cold food section that can surprise you unusual taste.


2. Mayur Pan House

Let the name not confuse you. This place has everything from tiffins to awesome evening chat.

3. Sri Radhe

One of the best Vada Pav places in our city, Sri Radhe offers a variety of Indian street food with an add on – Pizzas!


4. Bombay Juice

This place is not just about juice. These guys have a chat too; spicy, tangy and lip-smacking food.

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