Food Traffic in Hyderabad

Food Traffic in Hyderabad

You are in love with Hyderabad. But, not with its traffic. Now, we can’t blame you for that.Forget about the techie traffic at Financial District, HiTec city or Madhapur. Think about the food traffic; in Hyderabad.Those guys who zoom in into your block, on their bikes, with boxes of food.

Have you ever paused to wonder where the culture of eating at a restaurant has disappeared? What, you don’t like the idea of hot, steaming food served to you on a table?

mutton biryani in a silver plate

Mutton Biryani (Awadhi Style)
Relishing an Awadhi style mutton biryani along with the ghazals of Mehdi Hassan will surely make a big difference than having it in your dining room after getting it delivered to your doorstep.The same effect goes for the experience of having some Fish Veracruz while listening to Carlos Santana in a Tex-Mex setting.Veggi taco
Taco Pie (Mexican)All of these are there in Hyderabad, waiting for you.Be part of the joy. Trace the correct setting for your food.

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