How to fillet a salmon fish?

How to fillet a salmon fish?

Undoubtedly it’s not a huge deal to understand the procedure of filleting a salmon fish, the difference lies in leaving an impression of your practical experience in doing it.

Pretty sure everyone wished the fish never came with skin and its bone making it so much easier to cook, so with no further ado let’s get started.


Salmon raw sashimi – japanese food


Chopping board or a hard surface

Sharp knife

And never the last – Salmon fish



  • Make sure the scales are removed by firmly holding the fish and scrape the knife from tail to head in a stroking motion
  • Incision into the anus and make a deep cut through the abdomen between the fins until you reach the jaw and remove the entrails
  • Lift up the gill and slice until you reach the bone halfway through coming down and then tilt the salmon
  • Hold the head firm and run the knife from neck to tail breaking through the bones
  • Repeat the same on the other side of the fish and make sure very less amount meat is carried away while you separate rib bones from the belly meat
  • Now pin bone the fillets by running your hand down the center of the fillet.
  • Finally, slice the fillets into the desired portions.



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