Top most expensive pizzas in the world.

Top most expensive pizzas in the world.

Let’s face it. we all love pizza! One of the topmost familiar foods in the world,, pizza can be seen in almost every corner of the world nowadays, in a ton of interesting variations, with a lot of different ingredients mixed to get an excellent pizza for everyone.

A part of the pizza’s magic is that you get a wholesome, hearty meal for an honest price. Rarely do they range above the $20 mark, even if, like at Manoosh, they use the freshest, highest quality ingredients. As well as the rich gold flakes, the pizza is also trimmed with imported white stilton cheese, Ossetra caviar, truffles, and Foie Gras. You won’t find any shredded ham or pepperoni here; these are the four most ridiculously expensive pizzas in the world.  

Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza  – $250  (Maze, London) pizza on a wood plate

What could be in this pie that makes it cost so much? The ‘Gordon Ramsay’ is highlighted on the menu at London’s illustrious Maze and is named after the restaurant’s infamous head chef. For a great time it was known in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most valuable pizza in the world, but in modern times has been surpassed.   This pizza is topped with Italian onion puree with white truffle pasta, buffalo mozzarella, fontina cheese, pancetta, cep mushrooms, fresh herbs, and shaved with white truffle shavings that are added to the pie tableside. The price is relative to how many truffles you want – we say the less, the better.  

The C6  – $450 (Stevestson Pizza, Richmond, BC, Canada) pizza with green toopings

This is a part of a seafood delight (Canada is known for its exceptionally fresh and top quality seafood) – a major contributory factor to its huge price tag. The C6 costs almost double what Ramsay is charging for his glory pizza and features lobster thermidor, black Alaskan cod, prawns, smoked salmon and Russian Osetra caviar – one of the world’s most expensive caviars.  

Haggis, Glasgow, a Domenico Crolla Restaurant  —  $4,200 pizza

This deluxe pie is called after the British super agent, James Bond. Known by only as the “Pizza Royale 007,” this pizza is coated with 24-carat gold dust, topped with champagne-soaked caviar and lobster that is marinated in 100-year-old cognac.  Yum!    

Luis XIII  (Salerno, Italy, a Renato Viola Creation) —  $12,000 pizza on a plate in yellow color  

The price tag on this one is ludicrous. What makes this pie so expensive?   Well, the preparation takes 72 hours to make because the dough is given enough time to rest before it made into the most expensive pie the world has ever known. It is topped with bufala mozzarella, three types of caviar, lobster from Norway and Cilento, and it is lightly sprinkled with hand-picked grains of pink Australian sea-salt from the Murray River. The cost includes service (thank God), and this pie can be made at your home. That’s right; three Italian chefs will show up at your villa and make it for you in the comfort of your kitchen. Let’s just hope they aren’t staying for the entire 72-hour period because that would be a little weird.

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