Best Bruschettas

Best Bruschettas

Open any menu in any restaurant in Hyderabad, you’ll get surprised by the number of starter dishes that they offer. Most of the time they look like a ‘copy-paste’ from each other. Indian, Chinese or a combination of both…

Of course, it is true some of these places make these items real good but then, what’s life if there’s no change once in a while…

Try Italian, for that matter. Those dudes know how to make some of the best antipastos (starter dishes). Our favorite is Bruschettas. It consists of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt.

bruchetta with tomato and mozzarella

Sounds simple? Wait! There are bruschetta’s that are more complicated than some relationsips!

Ohri’s Ruci offer bruschettas with balsamic tomatoes melted in to bread using garlic.

Via Milano has assorted bruschettas and the taste varies. Nevertheless, they are absolutely delicious.

Little Italy won’t be called that if they didn’t have some awsome bruschettas, right? You could hop in and have some that we say stand close to original bruschettas.

brushetta with tomato toppings

So, why don’t you forget about too much spice and oil for one time and have a taste of the world outside.  Brave yourselves with some Bruschettas.

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