Best Food to Eat In Winter

Best Food to Eat In Winter

Keep healthy this winter by adding these foods to your diet.
Although there are some foods that are in season in winter than in summer, winter blows some surprising health superstars. Here are a few of the healthiest winter foods you should be eating.

1.Spicy tuna roll

spicy tuna roll

For a surprising alternative to standard comfort foods – often loaded with fat and sugar – try sushi. Choose rolls filled with tuna or salmon. Both are good causes of vitamin D. During the winter months when you have narrowed appearance to the sun, food sources of the bone-healthy vitamin become even more necessary. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with impaired growth, weakening of the bones and even the risk of heart disease.


2. Pomegranates


Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants (more than other fruit juices)-just a cup daily might help to keep free radicals from oxidizing “bad” LDL cholesterol, according to a prefatory study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Oxidized LDL contributes to award buildup in the arteries. Another study showed that drinking pomegranate juice might increase blood flow to the heart in people with myocardial ischemia, a serious condition in which the heart’s oxygen supply is compromised because the arteries pointing to it are blocked.


3. Ginger


Take daily in small quantities, ginger keeps the body warm beside strengthening resistance power in the winter season. It aids digestion and is best known to be helpful in curing cold and caugh during the cold weather.

4. Honey


It is like added medicine for the cold and flu in the winter months. Easy to digest, honey is judged warm and hence its regular eating helps in keeping the body warm. Highly recommended in winter and extreme use of honey is forbidden in summer.


5.Whole Grain Cereals And Pulses

Huge energy and protein foods provide the required fuel to combat the cold. That’s why many Indian families make ‘sheera’ (rava, whole-wheat flour, badam); ‘halwa’ (gajar, pumpkin); ‘paak’ and ‘ladoos’. Fresh green fresh whole grains, available in Gujarat, called ‘ponkh’ are considered a winter food. Makai and bajra rotis have the warmth-giving state.


6. Soup

As long as you hold the cream, salt, and meet. Look for soup recipes that call for chicken stock, vegetable broth or water as the base and include a set of vegetables. Join your soup with a side of 100 percent whole grain crackers for a portion of grains. Don’t have any recipes handy? then you should try Cleveland Clinic’s tasty Collard and Lentil Soup.


7. Potatoes


Potatoes get a bad rap for being a white starch, thrown into the same class as white rice or white bread. Though unlike those other starches, which have indeed been removed of healthful nutrients, potatoes are a whole food that contains several useful nutrients. They are an great source of two immunity boosters—vitamins C and B6, They are also a good source of folate, which is especially important for women of childbearing age, and they deliver fiber . If you can get purple potatoes, you’ll get an joined health boon—they are rich in anthocyanins.

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