The Right Place

The Right Place

Dhaba by Claridges

While gorging on some yummy biryanis, have you ever thought that you are probably experiencing the same recipe that aristocrats followed a few hundred years ago?

Very few of us think that.

Whether it is a Gilafi Sheekh Kebab or a Barkas Patthar Gosht, the Nawabiness of these dishes will make you swoon all over it again and again.

At every bit or bite of it, don’t you wonder you want to know more about it?

From the choice of the spices to the culture or even the chef behind the magic, right food always has something to spark a foodie’s thoughts.

That’s what we give importance here; the inner thoughts of a foodie when s/he is gorging on some of Hyderabad’s best.

Of course, the ambiance or the restaurant matters too. Because food is only complete if you eat in the right place.

You gotta choose your right place, mate.

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