4 Delicious Hyderabadi Breakfast Choices

4 Delicious Hyderabadi Breakfast Choices

So, made a bit of history on the flavor of the season, Haleem increases your appetite?
If not, here’s another one for you.

Here’s a list of yummy items that constitute a typical Hyderabadi breakfast. Of course, you may have had some of these. If not, consider it a loss and try to befriend a Hyderabadi so that you can hope to get invited to an excellent breakfast soon.

  1. Khagina

Let the photo not fool you. It ain’t your average egg bhurji from a roadside stall in Kolkata or Mumbai. This is filled with square cut veggies and has a strong influence from the onion side. It is also way spicier and is eaten with rotis. Crushed cilantro is a major ingredient and you’ll soon fall in love with the aftertaste it can provide.

  1. Koftay ka Salan

Hope the photo gives you an idea. It is a flavorful, spicy dish. Minced beef/mutton balls soaking in a thick Onion and Yogurt based gravy. It can be a bit on the heavy side but perfect for a Sunday breakfast.
Quick Tip: The more you keep the koftay in the gravy, the yummier it gets! 😛

  1. Qeema

The interesting thing about this is not the wonderful taste but the fact that it can be made in a mere 20 minutes. That too, with your usual spices at home. Usually eaten with naan or roti, Qeema stands top in the list of traditional Hyderabadi dishes.

  1. Bhindi ka Salan

Usually made as an accompaniment to different sorts of delicious Hyderabadi Biryanis, Bhindi ka Salan has gone beyond its Hyderabadi identity and has achieved a pan-Indian status. Yet, one should not underestimate its status as an accompaniment. It is as delicious as a breakfast combination with hot rotis. Try out.

We gave you the idea, mates. We hope you get a taste of these amazing dishes soon. Ciao!

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