15 Hyderabadi Best Essential Food flavor’s

15 Hyderabadi Best Essential Food flavor’s

I am pretty sure biryani follows when you call the name Hyderabad; however most of us are unaware, it has a lot to offer essential food flavor’s from its decades-old authentic kitchen. Today I bring you some of those hidden delicacies which are as famous as its biryani also called the must-tries .

This rich culture exhibit’s many spices and different flavours. Most of this gourmet food origin from its diverse culture and some were adaptations of various places which however got deep-rooted among the people of this magnificent city. With no further ado let gets started.


1.Paaya : paya curry in a white bowl

It’s the breakfast  food consumed along with naan by the majority of the old city residents, This soup-like dish is made from goat trotters along with onion, garlic and Nahari masala (a mixture of spices) slow cooked at low heat for hours to get the end result, a very much recommended for people with Joint pains.

2. Lukhmi : Lukhmi

A popular Non-vegetarian easy snacks filled with minced meat from the inside and crunchy samosa patty from the outside generally served at the wedding and other celebrations.

3. Haleem :

A mixture of wheat, barley, meat and other spices is a years-old recipe dating back to the 10th century and it’s generally made in large quantity during the Ramazan month for our Muslim brothers & sisters to break their fast after offering the mass prayers in the evening. Surprisingly the other name of Haleem is “Patient” in Arabic.  

4. Khatti Dal : Lentils cooked similar to regular dal, Khatti translates to sour in English so the secret ingredient here is tamarind which adds up the taste to this recipe. It goes well with rice or any Indian bread.  

5. Boti Kabab : One of the delicious appetizers made from lamb meat and lamb shank mixed with spices ginger garlic paste along with papaya, capsicum and other vegetables congregated together and grilled with mutton cubes. A must try for the barbeque lovers.  

6 Murgh do pyaza : A staple of Hyderabad cuisine made from chicken meat and packs of sliced onions, the addition of a sour agent is a key part of dopiaza. it’s a burst of flavours every time you munch it.  

7  Mirchi ka Salan : This classic gravy dish at first seems too spicy and hot however don’t go with its looks. This tantalizing dish is Prepared from dry coconut. Sesame seeds, turmeric tamarind juice and ginger garlic paste. Usually served with biryani and goes well with slices of Indian bread.

8. Pattar ka gosht : This melt in mouth texture is prepared from the marinated meat and slow cooked on thick slabs of stone, heated by charcoal beneath. Just the aroma of this dish gives a distinguished recognition.  

9. Hyderabadi dahi vada : A deep fried lentil ball mixed with yogurt is a regular snack prepared with lots of love by the mothers at home for their kids. It’s easy to make process make it widely popular. 10. Irani Chai & Osmania Biscuits : As they say, no day starts without the chai & chronicles, Coming all the way from Iran this is something every hyderabadi would be proud of apart from its rich culture and heritage. At first, it may seem too sweet and creamy but you this will soon become your addiction. The killer combination of Osmania biscuits with its salt and sweet flavour makes a great deal. These baked biscuits stand out and do not break the bond even after ages.   11.  Hyderabadi Falooda : Traditionally made from rose syrup,  vermicelli, sweet basil seeds with milk and finally topped with a scoop of ice-cream. This dessert is one of its kind relishing your summer afternoons.  

12. Phirni : It’s a flavoured milk pudding usually consumed after the meal and does not go heavy on one’s appetite. Do try it.  

13. Sheer Kurma : Yet another dessert made from thin vermicelli especially during the Ramzan season. You may not find this yearlong however few selective restaurants offer it in their menu.  

14. Double ka meetha : Bread pudding made from fried bread slices dipped in hot milk and then soaked in sugar syrup it’s an authentic Hyderabadi dessert which melts down everytime you take in.

15 . Kubani ka meetha : Made from dry apricot along with ghee and nuts is a common dessert at weddings. And can also be consubed with scoop of ice cream adding up a great taste.  

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