10 best Indian food you should try

10 best Indian food you should try

Do you have beloved dishes that you order at an Indian restaurant? You can make them at home and experience that lively, spicy taste any time you want. From tandoori chicken to palak paneer, the recipes are almost easy if you stock your kitchen with some essential ingredients found in Indian cuisine.


1.Rogan Josh

gosh with rice in a plate


It is one of the best dishes of Kashmir. Hale with varied spices, the dish is cooked with the fragrance of fennel seeds, garam masala, bay leaves, turmeric and is really a celebration of all senses. A good dinner party option, Rogan Josh can be best paired with butter naan or paratha.


2.Bhapaa Aloo


A delicious recipe, this one gets the Bengali flavors just right. Bhapaa is the Bengali word for steamed and this Bengali recipe is correctly what it means. The simple potato tossed in local flavors of panch phoron, coconut paste, and mustard oil, steamed to perfection. You can just say this is a vegetarian version of Bhapaa Maach, just the fish has been restored with baby potatoes. Simple yet satisfying!


3.Butter Chicken

butter chicken with rice in a plate

Butter chicken is the best orders at any Indian restaurant in the West. This sultry poultry dish feels great with  (black lentils), green salad and a naan. The daal and naan recipes are here so you can have a full, home-cooked Indian meal tonight.


The best section about this recipe is that the only ingredient you may need is curry powder. apart from that, you’ll need common items like onion, olive oil,  ginger, butter, garlic and tomato puree.


4.Palak Paneer

palak paneer with two spoons

The most favorite paneer recipe at Indian restaurants is, by far, palak paneer. It is nothing extra than spinach and cottage cheese (the paneer) and it’s a lightly flavored dish that is super good, too.


You might remember this dish as “the green one” from the restaurant and that’s thanks to the large pieces of spinach and fenugreek leaves included in the recipe. It’s fantastic with the cubed paneer and gets even greater when served with your favorite flatbread.


5.Tandoori Chicken

Next on the list is that popular Indian barbecue chicken recipe. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t fall in love with the tandoori chicken. Serve this one over basmati rice rocked with turmeric and add a few slabs of fresh onion for an added kick.


Once you have the basic recipe for tandoori masala, fix and store it so you can cook tandoori chicken anytime you feel the urge. This will become your family’s modish favorite chicken dinner.


6.Vada Pav


Here enters the very popular fast food dish from ‘Aamchi Mumbai’, or the state of Maharashtra. The fried potato mixture is put inside a bun with spicy garlic, ginger, mint paste, and tamarind. It is served with dry red chili powder and green chilies.


7.Hyderabadi Biryani


Hyderadi Biryani is a mouth-watering rice dish from the ‘pearl city’ of India, Hyderabad. It is a blend of Mughali and Iranian cuisine. The main ingredients consist of Basmati [rice], chicken,  spices, yogurt, onion, lemon, saffron and coriander leaves. It is available with multiple variations, where chicken is replaced by other meat or even converted into a vegetarian biryani. The excellent part is the large handi (vessel) covered with dough in which the biryani is prepared.




What all south India gave us: Classical music and dance, crystal-clear beaches, Rajnikaant and masala dosa! Dosa is primarily a fermented crepe made of a rice and lentil batter. It comes with a variety of fill, mainly potato, onion and can also be served plain. It tastes great with sambar, a vegetable stew made with tamarind, and coconut chutney.


9.Idli and Sambhar

Usually eaten for breakfast in South India, Idlis are light, fuzzy steamed rice cakes. Though they can be had alone as a healthy meal, they’re generally followed by cold coconut and tangy tomato chutneys and piping smoking Sambhar


10. Dhokla


Vegetarian savory meals in India do not come any better than dhoklas, made from rice and chickpeas. The fermented rice mixture is mixed with chickpeas and steamed, and is then served decorated with mustard seeds and coriander. Among the plethora of vegetarian recipes from Gujarat.

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