Sunday yummy brunch food

Sunday yummy brunch food

Sunday has come. Let us wish you a happy one. And, for many of us, tomorrow is a holiday as well. So, happy Bonalu.

Before the city of Hyderabad descends into the festival mood, Sunday mornings have to be taken care of. By morning, we mean the late morning. Inching towards lunch. So, let’s call it brunch, for those of you who have made it a habit.

Now, if you have to brunch on such a particular Sunday, it has to be at the very best.

Like, The Big Brewsky; one meal that will make not only your day but probably the whole week.

simple brunch meal with rice

Or, Fusion 9, where the Arabic Mezze Platter or the iconic Zaffrani Dhania Paneer Tikka can keep you drooling over it to your friends for a while.

dish with white coffee cup and juice

Or, just step right over to the Mekong and try out some pan-Asian delicacies. Pick your flavor or try a new spice with the right meat or fish.

Even Olive Bistro could just make your Sunday wishes come true while you enjoy a good view.

So, which one is it?

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